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My name is Dale Smith, and for the 99% of you who don't know who I am, I'm one of the Doctor Who writers who does the stuff you don't see on the telly: a couple of Doctor Who novels published by various arms of the BBC and a handful of other spin-off stories published by people like Big Finish Productions and Telos Publishing. I'm also something of a keen writer of Doctor Who fan fiction

For the 1% of people reading this who already know who I am: hi mum.

This website is mostly about my Doctor Who writing, forming something of a Doctor Who fanfiction archive that pulls together Dr Who fan fiction stories with anthology and fanzine stories to get them all on the internet where you can properly enjoy them. But there are other bits and bobs on here too, such as information about my former life as an award-winning playwright or lots of unpublished non-Doctor stories that no-one has yet begged to publish.

Basically, like the majority of Doctor Who writers who don't write stuff for the telly, I'm not famous enough to qualify for a proper Doctor Who fan site so I had to sit down and write my own.

The site is also intended to be something of an online CV, so don't expect regular updates - but what you do have is tons of Doctor Who fan fiction that you can read on the screen or download as PDFs to read at your leisure, as well as other stories and extracts of the plays I've had performed.